Election Commission directive: only official vehicles are permitted to transport EVMs during an election. EVMs cannot be brought into or carried out of any kind of private vehicle.

Only government-approved trucks will be allowed to transport Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) during the Lok Sabha elections. Vehicle GPS tracking will also be carried out. On the security of electronic voting machines, the Indian Election Commission has released stringent restrictions.

EVM was found in a private vehicle in Varanasi during the 2022 Assembly Elections. The Commission’s Chief Election Commissioner, Rajiv Kumar, who came to Lucknow recently, had also mentioned that incident. Taking a lesson from the Varanasi incident, the Commission has clarified that EVMs will be taken from one place to another only in government vehicles or vehicles authorized by the government. GPS will also be installed in vehicles engaged in EVM transportation.

The Election Commission has instructed all the District Election Officers to treat all political parties equally and take action against those officers who are biased. Besides, all DEOs have been instructed to take immediate action on any complaint related to voter list from political parties. Instructions have been given to take immediate action and register an FIR against those involved in activities related to election crimes.

30 border districts will have 566 checkpoints constructed.
In addition to 30 districts bordering Nepal, 566 checkpoints will be erected in Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, and Jharkhand in preparation for the elections. In addition, there are 31 checkpoints from other departments and 38 from the Excise Department.

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