Regarding the Lok Sabha elections, the political fervor has decreased. Concurrently, the leaders of the Congress and BJP are undergoing a phase of switching sides. Manvendra Singh Jasol, a seasoned leader, has also been discussed again in relation to this. Jasol is rumored to be joining the BJP for the Lok Sabha elections.

Jaipur: The Congress and BJP are hard at work formulating their electoral plans for the Lok Sabha. There has been extensive sabotage of BJP and Congress leaders lately. Both parties are fielding their leaders against one another in the Lok Sabha elections. Meanwhile, rumors that a well-known member of the Congress might join the BJP have gotten stronger. Manvendra Singh Jasol is the name of the former member of parliament. This caused a commotion in the political world. There are rumors that Manvendra joining the BJP will allow the party to run in the Lok Sabha elections.

Talk about Manvendra Singh possibly joining the BJP
There is a lot of agitation between the two parties because of the Lok Sabha elections. Recently, Rahul Kaswan, the BJP MP, joined the Congress, while 25 Congress leaders joined the BJP. Huge conjectures are circulating in the meantime around Manvendra Singh, a former Congress MP. There are rumors that Manvendra Singh keeps in contact with important BJP figures. It is impossible to rule out the chance that he will join the BJP in such a scenario. Sources claim that Manvendra Singh might receive a ticket from the Rajsamand Lok Sabha constituency if he joins the BJP.

Nevertheless, all of this is conjecture. It is currently unknown what the BJP’s plans are for the ten Lok Sabha seats in the upcoming days. In reference to this, Manvendra Singh was hospitalized following a car accident. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, the Union Minister, then met him. This was a topic of much political controversy.

Manvendra was desired by Congress to run from Jodhpur.
The Congress sought to field Manvendra Singh, a resident of Jodhpur, against Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, a minister of the Union, in this Lok Sabha election. The Congress party and former chief minister Ashok Gehlot urged him to run for office from Jodhpur. Ashok Gehlot sought to prepare Manvendra Singh for this by meeting with him. However, Manvendra Singh declined to run for office. Manvendra Singh reportedly stated that his accident served as the catalyst for this. It is said that Manvendra Singh is not mentally prepared to run for office following the death of his wife.There are rumors that Manvendra Singh plans to join the BJP here. He declined to run for office by accepting a ticket from Congress as a result. Manvendra can now run for Lok Sabha on a BJP ticket.

After leaving the BJP, Manvendra has lost three elections.
Son of former Union Minister and seasoned BJP leader Manvendra Singh Jasol, he was initially elected as an MP and MLA on a BJP platform. However, he resigned from the BJP in 2018 while still an MLA. Following that, he ran on a Congress ticket to challenge Vasundhara Raje in the Jhalrapatan election. However, he was soundly defeated.Subsequently, in 2019, he ran for the Barmer-Jaisalmer Lok Sabha seat on the Congress ticket but was unsuccessful. On a Congress ticket, Manvendra Singh Jasol then ran for the Siwana seat in the 2023 elections and finished third. After leaving the BJP, Manvendra Singh has never won in the Congress party.

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