Desk/Raji: At three o’clock today, the dates of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections will be revealed. This will be disclosed in a press conference held by the Election Commission today. We would like to inform you that today will also see the announcement of the assembly election dates. One day prior to the declaration of election dates, on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent a letter to the nation.

Together, you and I will finish a decade.

“My dear family members, your and our togetherness is now going to complete a decade,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the letter. I have no doubt that you will still be there for us.Modi assures us that we will keep with our arduous job toward nation-building. The Prime Minister went on to write, “I am always inspired by the support and faith of 140 crore Indians.” The greatest accomplishment of our government is the shift that has occurred in peoples’ lives. Sincere attempts to raise the standard of living for the impoverished, young people, farmers, and women have produced the transformational outcomes. Additionally, the Prime Minister wrote, “Pucca Houses through Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana” in response to your confidence. Ayushman Bharat offers free medical treatment, energy to everyone, financial support for farmers, access to LPG and water, and Matru provides assistance to women. Things like the Vandana Yojana have proven effective.

The nation is progressing while embracing tradition and technology.
In the letter, he continued, “Your faith in me provides me with the strength to make audacious decisions for the betterment of our nation and to carry them out with ease.” He added that our nation is one that embraces both heritage and modernity. Proceeding now with. Every person living in the nation is proud of the fact that, even as it progresses, it continues to honor its rich cultural heritage. He claimed that there has been an unparalleled amount of next-generation infrastructure built in the past ten years. However, we have also revitalized our rich national and cultural legacy. The beauty of democracy is found in the involvement of the whole populace.

Many significant choices influenced by your beliefs

The Prime Minister added in his letter that we can accomplish a lot of things together, such as repealing Article 370, enacting the GST, opening Parliament House, passing a new law against triple talaq, passing the Nari Shakti Vandan law to encourage more women to serve in parliament, and more, because of your trust. might require historic and significant choices.

I’ll be here waiting for you.

PM Modi stated, “I need your ideas, suggestions, and support as we work to fulfill the resolve to build a developed India.” Well, I’ll wait here for you. We shall elevate our nation to new heights as a team. I think this is true.

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